Students’ Voice

Rokko san

I’m thoroughly impressed with Kondo-sensei’s attentive lesson plans and flexible teaching style.  I’m assuming I’m an irregular student with specific needs centered on Japanese business communication best practices, keigo phrases and email correspondence.  Kondo-sensei quickly understood my needs and adjusted his lessons based on my on-the-spot and often last-minute requests.  Unlike most Japanese sensei’s who don’t have a business background, Kondo-sensei has spent several years working in international companies and holds an advanced degree from the United States.  The context and methodology of his Japanese lessons are built upon this strong business foundation, which is an added benefit for any non-native professional aspiring to advance their Japanese language capabilities in the corporate world.  


As a business professional with over 20 years living and working in Japan, I strongly recommend Kondo-sensei’s lessons to accelerate your language development. 


Aaron san and August kun


We are so grateful and happy that we met Kondo-Sensei this summer! We appreciated his fun and patient style of teaching, as well as his great sense of humor. We loved Tsubasa Japanese Language School’s format of instruction, and found it perfect for both children and adults. Our family was excited for our bi-weekly lessons, as Kondo-Sensei created fun and challenging learning opportunities for us each time. We have wonderful memories from our summer trip to Tokyo this year, and being able to learn Japanese while traveling was one of the highlights. We look forward to working with the school again next year, with our younger son, too! 

Ilka san

Jane san

Maria san

“I took Japanese for beginners and pre-intermediate and I really enjoyed it. The class was taught by Kondo-san, who is a native Japanese speaker. He was very patient and understanding, and he made the class fun and engaging. I felt like I learned a lot in a short amount of time, and I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning Japanese.

He was always willing to help me when I was struggling with the material.


Hannah san & Jackson san

(*Did you enjoy Mameshiba Cafe in Harajuku?)



Vishal Patel san

I wanted to learn Japanese to communicate with my significant other in her mother tongue.  I have taken a few classes before but nothing really stuck with me.  Even though my time with Kondo sensei was short, I learned more from him in that period of time than I did taking lessons at other places.  I highly recommend taking lessons with him.



We have enjoyed our classes with you so much not only because you are a wonderful teacher, but also because we enjoy your company very much!

Valeria Gayoso

Thank you for the classes! My Japanese comprehension has definitely become better and I’m ready for the next Noryoku Shiken.





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