tsubasa japanese language school
tsubasa japanese language school

Educational Objectives

Our educational objectives are not only to simply teach Japanese to foreigners but also to make their lives in Japan more comfortable, to help their study at schools, and to communicate Japanese culture to them.


These days many young people come to Japan to study at universities and to get jobs. In order to do so, JLPT N1 level, at least N2, Japanese is required, meaning a lot of vocabulary and grammar as well as high level of reading, listening, speaking, and speaking abilities are needed.


And we have wonderful traditional culture such as tea ceremony, calligraphy, sumo wrestling. Additionally, more and more young people visit Japan to enjoy Manga, animated films and J-POP music. Understanding Japanese will definitely help enjoying and appreciating the Japanese culture more deeply.


Lastly, it is popular for the Western people to study local language at local language schools when they travel abroad. We have a lot of sightseeing resources such as shrines, hot springs, and Japanese cuisine. If visitors learn Japanese, even a little bit, they will understand them better.


In conclusion, our educational objectives is to be the bridge between Japan and the world in terms of culture, life, sightseeing, business, etc.




By utilizing Zoom, we conduct oneline Japanese lesson, including Japanese culture, depending on the current Japanese level and specific questions of the student.


1.Please, e-mail your proposed date and time, your name, your e-mail address, questions to info@tsubasa-jls.com.

    *I am available from 9:00-20:00 (Mon-Sun/Japan time)

2.Nest, we reply about your propoase date and time and also send you payment form (credit card, paypal, bank trnsfer).

3.Please, make the payment depending on your choice .

4.We will send you Zoom invitation.

5. Let’s have lesson by Zoom at agreed time zone.