1. Online Lesson

By utilizing Zoom, we conduct oneline Japanese lesson, including Japanese culture, depending on the current Japanese level and specific questions of the student.


1.Please, e-mail your proposed date and time, your name, your e-mail address, questions to info@tsubasa-jls.com.

    *I am available from 9:00-20:00 (Mon-Sun/Japan time)

2.Nest, we reply about your propoase date and time and also send you payment form (credit card, paypal, bank trnsfer).

3.Please, make the payment depending on your choice .

4.We will send you Zoom invitation.

5. Let’s have lesson by Zoom at agreed time zone.

2. Japanese Business Mannger and Honorific Expressions

You will learn dress code at interviews, how to exchange name cards and greet, business

manners at visiting companies and at welcoming visitors, and how to handle phone calls in

honorific Japanese expressions.

Experienced instructors will teach you the points through practice.

(13:00-16:00 every Friday)


3. How to Write an Effective Resume & Questions Handling at Interviews

You will learn the secrets of how to write an effective resume and cover letter to get interviews

at Japanese companies, to appeal your career and to handle frequently asked questions based

on instructor’s rich experiences.

(13:00-16:00 every Tuesday)


4. Survival Japanese

You will learn practical Japanese based on daily situations such as greetings, self-introduction, shopping, ordering at restaurants, inviting friends to dinner.

Our communicative method requires you to practice a lot of speaking and listening and enables you to speak Japanese quickly.

We also introduce Japanese culture in the lessons.


“1 Week Course”

Start every Monday

Total: 30 hours(45 minutes x 8 lessons x 5 days (Monday – Friday))


“2 Weeks Course”

Start 1st & 3rd Monday every month

Total: 60 hours(45 minutes x 8 lessons x 5 days (Monday – Friday) x 2 weeks)



You will study vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening for each level of JLPT (N1-N5) to pass the test.


6. Current Japanese

You will read various articles from newspapers, magazines, internet, and even real business materials of your company.

You can improve your reading skills, vocabulary, and grammar.